SEO Basics for Blogging

From thinking about your site design, your site’s usability, to how often you should post, and to your blog and website’s SEO – there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to being ‘online’.

Starting and running a blog or website for yourself or for your business can feel very overwhelming – but it needn’t be. In my opinion, ensuring you have good SEO is one of the most important things you can do for your blog.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you have good SEO, this means that your blog is optimised to get noticed through free organic search engine traffic. 

Conversely there are non-organic search results – these are getting your blog noticed through advertisements such as pay per click advertising. I’ll cover this in a later blog post.

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Why organic traffic from SEO is so good

Organic search results Search are free and targeted.

These search results are listings on search engine results pages, like Google, that appear because of their relevance to the search terms. Let’s be honest – the best place to hide something is the second page of Google. Good SEO makes sure you’re as near as the top of the list as you can be.

Organic search results means visitors who have come to your site do so through an organic search result , and have found you because they are looking for the exact content you’ve written. This means better quality traffic with more Page Views and lower Bounce Rates.

Another important factor is that by providing the content your visitors are looking for, organic search-engine-driven visitors are also more likely to become regular visitors to your blog, or website. 

So this sound great, right? No doubt you’re reading this and feeling a tad confused or overwhelmed by what good SEO requires. A quick search on Google brings up a myriad of different websites, links, and companies offering to do all the hard work for you and promise you the world.

SEO Blogger

SEO can be so confusing, but before you start giving your hard earned money away in hopes they’ll sort it all out for you, or worst yet just give up and do nothing at all, read through these 5 resources to cover the basics of what you need to know and get a head start.

There’s a huge amount you can do yourself, and also for free. You may decide that paying someone else is the best option, but make sure you know your stuff before you get into any talks or commitment.

Using these 5 resources I have linked, you should be able to get ahead on understanding the basics of SEO, start implementing a few basic SEO tactics, and improve your blog SEO and traffic.

1. What is SEO? from Yoast

Before you start upping your SEO game, you need to understand what exactly SEO is.Yoast is a great resource for SEO and this short article is a great, simple introduction that explains, at the most basic level, what SEO is.And at the end of the article, Yoast includes some great beginner resources to help you continue your SEO learning.

Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Moz is the one of the top platforms and information sources within the SEO industry. Moz was one of the first sites I read myself because of the clean design of the website and easy to understand language. This site is one of the easiest to understand and digest, as the information is presented in a much easier format that other resources, for example Google’s Starter Guide.This is a must-read and easily one of the most frequently mentioned and recommended resources for SEO. Made up of 10 chapters on critical areas of SEO this guide is full of analogies which is so helpful for anyone starting out as it helps you create your own mental map of the SEO ‘ecosystem’.

3. SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide by Neil Patel

Neil is a great blogger who specialises in growing your traffic and improving your SEO. Here is a fantastic video he has posted on YouTube.

Neil’s guide includes a lot of the basics and also includes links to some more advanced tutorials to help you improve your SEO.

4. SEO for Idiots by Blog Tyrant

This guide was written in response to the following question:”Found your blog the other day and have learned MUCH more than the previous 100 blogs I had found combined. I see that you have an article about SEO secrets below but I was wondering if you can direct me to like an “SEO for idiots” type of thing… I really need to understand the basics.”

Sound familiar? I love this site because it really does explain everything simply and with tips you can use today.

5. 8 First Step SEO Tips for Bloggers by ProBlogger

This page will arm you with your next best steps and 8 great SEO tips you can integrate into your blogging right now.

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